Devereaux drops a raw and relatable anthem "Bizboz"

Devereaux's groundbreaking single, "Bizboz," featuring Baba Smiz & Full Stop Velvet, is a musical masterpiece that defies societal norms and expectations. The avant-garde collaboration showcases Devereaux's unique sound, skillfully blending eclectic beats, Baba Smiz's dynamic flow, and Full Stop Velvet's distinct style.

With its cryptic lyrics and hypnotic beats, "Bizboz" stimulates curiosity and interpretation, leaving listeners captivated and intrigued. Devereaux's ability to seamlessly navigate this intricate musical landscape adds to the song's allure, making it an actual work of art. As an unconventional anthem, "Bizboz" challenges the status quo, encouraging audiences to embrace individuality and celebrate their uniqueness.

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