Clean Kut Diamond unveils groundbreaking single "Shorty Mad"

Clean Kut Diamond is buzzing with their latest single, "Shorty Mad." Born in Berlin, this track is an incredible showcase of the group's unmatched talent, skillfully combined with cutting-edge production techniques.

"Shorty Mad" is nothing short of a masterpiece that marks a significant turning point in Clean Kut Diamond's artistic journey. The single has a larger-than-life sound, yet it remains true to the roots of the rap genre. The production process was intentional and meticulous, resulting in a track that is nothing short of a true gem.

"Shorty Mad" sets a new standard with its powerful beats, skillfully placed lyrics and the overall vibe that it creates. This groundbreaking single will indeed dominate the charts and cement Clean Kut Diamond's place in the hall of fame of rap music.

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