Bilal Usmani delves into the depths of heartbreak in "All I Wanted"

Bilal Usmani has released his latest single titled "All I Wanted," which takes listeners on a beautiful yet heart-wrenching musical journey through the aftermath of a shattered romance. The lyrics reflect his first experience of heartbreak at age 15. The mellow and eerie composition perfectly captures his emotions during that tumultuous period.

The track feels like a musical confession, with Usmani's soulful vocals conveying the raw vulnerability and pain in the lyrics. The simplicity of the melody adds to the overall impact, allowing listeners to connect with the artist's intimate narrative on a visceral level.

"All I Wanted" showcases Usmani's ability to turn personal turmoil into art. The song's sincerity and authenticity make it a relatable and cathartic experience for anyone who has gone through heartbreak. With its haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, this single highlights Bilal Usmani's artistic prowess and invites listeners to join him on a journey through the echoes of a past love.

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