Great Good Fine Ok Drops Electrifying New Single "Will We Make It?"


Great Good Fine Ok, the dynamic duo comprising vocalist Jon Sandler and producer Luke Moellman returns with a sonic explosion in their latest single, "Will We Make It?." This track marks a triumphant comeback for the duo, known for their chart-topping hits and unmistakable musical prowess.

In "Will We Make It?" listeners are treated to a captivating fusion of pulsating beats and irresistible melodies that define the electro-pop genre. Jon Sandler's vocal range, stretching from singer-songwriter sensitivity to funky falsetto, is on full display, complemented by Luke Moellman's vast production experience and an array of instruments. The result is a sonic masterpiece that explores the intricate nuances of modern relationships through heartfelt lyrics.

With a history of fan-favorite tracks and a devoted following, Great Good Fine Ok is set to add another gem to their musical collection. "Will We Make It?" is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, where fans can immerse themselves in this electrifying experience.

Listen to "Will We Make It?" on Spotify

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