DJ Raven Journeys From Cleveland to Your Playlist

DJ Raven, also known as Derrick Rudolph from Cleveland, Ohio, delves into his journey in the world of DJing and music. DJ Raven shares insights on his early experiences, favorite equipment, audience engagement strategies in the digital age, and the evolving role of technology in shaping his DJing style. He also emphasizes the importance of networking, maintaining a work-life balance, and staying updated with music trends. Join us as we explore the past, present, and future of DJing through the eyes of a passionate artist dedicated to making people dance and creating memorable music experiences.

HipHopEargasm: Can you start by giving us a brief introduction to yourself and your DJ alias?

DJ Raven: My name is Derrick Rudolph, a.k.a. DJ, and I'm from Cleveland, Ohio.

HipHopEargasm: How did you first get into DJing, and what inspired you to pursue a music career?

DJ Raven: What started it for me was being around a specific OG. That was the way I did it. I remember Cut Master Slice. This gave me full credit while I was playing with him. One of the days was my starting day, but there were others around the game whom I respected.

HipHopEargasm: What was your first DJ gig like, and how did performing in front of an audience feel?

DJ Raven: I was playing with an audience of over 50 to 150 at a local bar called Emerald Isle.

HipHopEargasm: What equipment and software do you use for your DJ sets, and do you have any favorite tools or gear?

DJ Raven: It will always be Serato DJ, and I'm switching to CDJ. I have Rane 12.

HipHopEargasm: How do you engage with your audience and build a loyal fanbase in the digital age of music?

DJ Raven: I engage my audience through blogs and social media called Mixcloud, and I usually go by word-of-mouth by going around my local areas.

HipHopEargasm: Can you discuss the role of technology and equipment in shaping your DJing style?

DJ Raven: I can do that pretty easily. I have a podcast called In the Shadows. I'll talk about the tips and tricks and some of my behind-the-scenes lifestyle and interviews With other artists or DJs

HipHopEargasm: How do you stay updated with the latest music trends and incorporate them into your sets?

DJ Raven: I'm hooked up with a few ANRs here in my Midwest division, but just like everybody else, are you to DJ pool for the international and regional Supreme and DJcity?

HipHopEargasm: What are the essential qualities or skills that a successful DJ should possess?

DJ Raven: Is the relationship that you built, and imagine me being back and helping you along the way?

HipHopEargasm: How significant are networking and building relationships in the music industry for a DJ's success?

DJ Raven: You add critical value while still trying to build a foundation in replication and status. Money is always going to be the end. You won't go anywhere if you don't have the same relationship and stuff.

HipHopEargasm: How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while pursuing a demanding career in the music industry?

DJ Raven: I tried getting as much paperwork as business done at the end of the week, or I am booked. Over the weekend, I stay out for long hours of the night to ensure that everybody has a good time.

HipHopEargasm: Can you share your thoughts on what you see as the future of DJing and electronic music and how you plan to evolve with it?

DJ Raven: Well, the new game is now to get your own LLC and make your own contract. That's how you get paid, and also, producing and writing being a big thing of an extra benefit for you is getting paid as well. Technology is making it easier for us DJs, making our jobs nonexistent.

HipHopEargasm: Could you share a memorable performance or gig that had a significant impact on your career?

DJ Raven: I was at an event while I was around one of my favorite artists, who was a DJ, and I think that was one of the best highlights of my career—the local who worked around for a long time.

HipHopEargasm: What do you enjoy most about being a DJ, and what keeps you motivated in this competitive industry?

DJ Raven: A lot of locals continue to push the area for themselves while I'm either recruiting or checking out some new artists daily. Hearing my city is keeping me on my toes about any new music that I think is better than what I have a critical voice in the Play music industry.

HipHopEargasm: What has been your experience working with different venues and event organizers? 

DJ Raven: I've worked in several venues, some good, some bad. The best events I worked on were silent parties, headphone parties, and wedding cards. They were just the most critical because it's just the one time in their lives that they were together, and you want to perform in the best and most memorable way possible.

HipHopEargasm: In your opinion, what are the essential qualities or skills that a successful DJ should possess?

DJ Raven: The relationship in business is what you need to possess to be successful, if not every day that you have the chance to be inspiring around somebody.

HipHopEargasm: What advice would you give to aspiring DJs who are looking to make their mark in the music scene?

DJ Raven: The best advice I will give someone is to be yourself, make the hard work happen daily, and establish a relationship that will expand your horizons. It's only sometimes that we have the opportunity to play music, and I have people dancing around.

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