K Johns Elevates His Sound with Captivating Single "Do Better"

Rising artist K Johns is making waves with his latest single, "Do Better," set to release on July 7th. Hailing from Westmont, California, K Johns showcases his refined and polished style, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. The track's smooth and infectious nature, coupled with impactful lyrics, sets the stage for a captivating listening experience.

"Do Better" serves as the lead single from K Johns' upcoming project, "One Of Them Ones," scheduled for release on July 28th. Throughout the project, K Johns maintains his signature sound, blending rap verses with West Coast melodies, delivering a compelling and authentic narrative. The single acts as the foundation for his inspiration, emphasizing the artist's dedication to embracing his creativity and connecting with his fanbase.

With a newfound focus on creating music that resonates with women, K Johns acknowledges the importance of his dedicated fans and aims to prioritize their experiences through his art. This shift in approach represents a significant growth for the artist, who has found confidence in being true to himself while pushing boundaries within the industry.

As K Johns gears up to release "One Of Them Ones," his latest single, "Do Better," sets the stage for an exciting and impactful project. With his undeniable talent and fearlessly authentic approach, K Johns is well on his way to solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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