Baby Tate revives nostalgic Vibes with "My Biznazz"

In her latest single, "My Biznazz," Baby Tate takes us on a journey through the vibrant and nostalgic beats of the past. With an exclusive release on Apple Music's Juneteenth 2023: Freedom Songs playlist, Tate breathes new life into a classic anthem.

If you've ever wondered about the story behind "that platinum chain with them diamonds in it," Tate's rendition brings it all back to the forefront. Inspired by Ludacris' advice to move forward, she injects the track with her signature charm and energy. Hailing from Atlanta, just like her musical predecessors, Tate adds her own dynamic punch to the mix.

"My Biznazz" is a perfect blend of freshness and nostalgia. With its captivating production and irresistible beats, this single is bound to leave you wanting more. So, plug in your headphones and let Baby Tate transport you to a world where timeless anthems thrive.

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