X.irda shares captivating new single, "RADIUM"

French artist X.irda is proud to present his new single, "RADIUM," a mesmerizing track that invites listeners on an emotional musical journey. Featured on his debut album "Tant que je breathe," "RADIUM" intricately blends French melancholy with an urban pop-rap sound, exploring the deep emotional turmoil of love. X.irda's authentic sound and heartfelt storytelling are evident in this track, promising to resonate with a broad audience through its poignant lyrics and captivating flow.

The accompanying music video for "RADIUM" further enhances the listening experience, offering visually compelling storytelling that complements the song's themes. X.irda's commitment to authenticity and emotional depth shine through in this release, making "RADIUM" a standout track in his discography. Fans and new listeners are encouraged to support X.irda and share in this powerful musical experience as he continues to make his mark in the music industry.


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