The Dynamic Collaboration of DJ Skilz and Summer Lee Carlson

In the pulsating world of electronic dance music (EDM), collaborations often spark a fusion of talent and creativity that sets the airwaves alight. One such partnership making waves is between DJ Skilz and Summer Lee Carlson. DJ Skilz, also known as "The Scratch Enforcer," is an Italian-American club and scratch DJ celebrated for his performances on global stages. Meanwhile, Summer Lee Carlson, an American expat singer-songwriter residing in Cambodia, brings soulful melodies and powerful lyrics to the mix.

Their collaboration blossomed from a mutual admiration, with Skilz's scratching talents featured in several of Summer's tracks. Inspired by Summer's captivating vocals, Skilz envisioned crafting high-energy EDM tracks around her voice, drawing from classic Eurodance groups like La Bouche and Corona. Thus, their collaborative journey began, fueled by a shared passion for creating music that transcends boundaries.

Their creative process is a symbiotic dance of inspiration and innovation. Skilz leads the production, enhancing Summer's vocals to create a sonic landscape pulsating with life and energy. Together, they've birthed five tracks, each offering a unique journey through euphoric realms. From the infectious beats of "Electric Dreams" to the soul-stirring melodies of "Dance of the Heart," their music resonates with audiences worldwide.

The collaboration between DJ Skilz and Summer Lee Carlson epitomizes the essence of EDM's vibrant landscape. With each track, they inspire and innovate, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of their listeners. So, let the rhythm guide you and join the journey of DJ Skilz and Summer Lee Carlson as they continue to captivate audiences with their dynamic collaboration in the world of electronic dance music.

You can stream and listen to all the singles below on Spotify:

Feel The Music

What You Want

Strolling By

In the Ground (Edm MIX)

Why so Serious (Edm Remix)


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