Shai Cloud make magical music with "Sativa 24 - Demo"

Shai Cloud, the dynamic artist, invites listeners to embark on a thrilling journey with their latest single, "Sativa 24 - Demo." The track, featuring Raynefr, is a vibrant celebration of life's highs and lows, coupled with empowering beats and uplifting lyrics.

"Sativa 24 - Demo" is not just a song; it's an anthem for triumph over challenges. Shai Cloud encourages listeners to face life's hurdles with determination, joy, and an unwavering spirit. The track's compelling beats and inspiring lyrics create a powerful musical experience that resonates with audiences seeking motivation and positivity.

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms.


  1. Thank You for the Write Up! i just want to take a moment and clear any confusion!
    My name is Shai Cloud and the song ‘Sativa 24’ includes elements of my former persona RayneFR so i credited him/myself as a feature for the single. Sorry for the confusion!!
    thank you again for the coverage!

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