Next Rated Songs EP2 2024

Here is a compilation of noteworthy songs from up-and-coming artists in 2024, highlighting their impressive technical abilities and creative innovation in music production. These tracks are perfect for enhancing your playlist.

Faan - "Fxck it up"

Faan, the innovative artist known for her soothing vocals and captivating presence, releases the latest single, "Fxck it up." The song seamlessly combines poetic and direct lyrics, giving listeners an authentic glimpse into her perspective.

PlayBall Rockstarr - "SMALL CIRCLE"

"SMALL CIRCLE," a pulsating anthem celebrating tight-knit connections. With its raw energy and powerful lyrics, it amplifies the essence of forging genuine bonds.

STANTIN - "Jackfruit"

STANTIN introduces "Jackfruit," his newest single, fusing catchy rhythms and soulful tunes. Crossing musical boundaries, this track guarantees to mesmerize global audiences with its diverse sound.

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