BEDROOM TAX unveils compelling new single "Hands on the Wheel"

BEDROOM TAX, the eclectic musical ensemble led by wordsmith Gideon Parirenyatwa, releases their latest single, "Hands on the Wheel." This intricate composition delves into the nuances of a relationship at the precipice, entangled in a tapestry of falsehoods and deceit.

Gideon's evocative storytelling resonates with Josh Collins' anthemic vocals, prompting listeners to 'maintain control behind the wheel.' Sean Guy's expert production weaves together resounding bass, rhythmic beats, and striking guitar riffs, drawing inspiration from hip-hop classics and the virtuosity of Nile Rodgers and John Frusciante. The band's inventive incorporation of organs, synths, and vibrant layers embraces a spectrum of influences, resulting in a novel and familiar sound.

Crafted by the band's primary songwriters, Sean Guy and Gideon Parirenyatwa, "Hands on the Wheel" was meticulously recorded and produced by JB Pilon at Hackney Road Studios, with the final touch of mastery provided by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios.

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