ZENtheRapper Drops Hypnotic Single "Angel Dust" Featuring Mousepad

Chart-topping artist ZENtheRapper is back with an enthralling new single, "Angel Dust," featuring the sensational Mousepad. The track invites listeners into a serendipitous journey, blending poetic lyricism with immersive beats.

In "Angel Dust," ZENtheRapper's captivating verses explore the intricacies of life's choices, offering a mesmerizing narrative. The collaboration with Mousepad adds an extra layer of musical brilliance, creating a sonic experience that transcends boundaries.

Infused with vivid imagery, the lyrics take the audience on a ride through the artist's mind, touching on themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness.

"Angel Dust" is available on all major streaming platforms and promises to be a standout addition to ZENtheRapper's impressive discography.

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