SpenDoe shares a dynamic tribute to the California Lifestyle in "It's the West"

SpenDoe, the California-based artist, unveils his latest single, "It's the West," a track pulsating with vibrant energy that vividly captures his West Coast way of life. The artist skillfully navigates the rhythm, sharing narratives that depict the essence of the California experience.

Beyond the allure of sunshine and palm trees, "It's the West" serves as a cautionary reminder from SpenDoe not to be swayed by distractions in the Golden State. The song delves into the myriad influences, both positive and negative, inherent to the region. SpenDoe reflects on his encounters with diverse crowds and pays tribute to the late music colleague "Maniak" from Pasadena.

A true showcase of SpenDoe's storytelling prowess, "It's the West" promises an authentic West Coast sound experience, making it a compelling listen for fans.

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