Eyal Zusman and Amir illuminate with their latest single, "LEV"

Eyal Zusman and Amir have recently released their latest single, "LEV," which explores the interplay of light and shadow in life. The song's theme revolves around the celebration of the world's beauty, truth, and goodness, as well as the complexities of existence.

"LEV" is a musical representation of awakening, upliftment, and transitional space themes. The soulful melodies convey a poignant narrative that encourages reflection on the transient nature of life and the resonance of those who have passed.

EYAL ZUSMAN & AMIR's artistry captures the essence of the human experience, leaving an indelible impression on the soul. "LEV" is a symphony that connects us through shared emotions and the magic of being truly alive. Let the music resonate with the depths of the human spirit.

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