Dalo Monnier unveils heartfelt single "Keep Falling In Love"

Dalo Monnier unveils his latest musical composition, the poignant single entitled "Keep Falling In Love," wherein he masterfully encapsulates the profound essence of unwavering devotion. 

The lyrical tapestry delicately paints a portrait of love transcending tumultuous storms and bustling crowds, with verses resonating with the ineffable beauty of the cherished subject. Monnier's poetic finesse is notably evident in the pre-chorus, where a message of steadfast support unfolds. 

The chorus and ensuing post-chorus amplify the commitment, with promises to traverse rainbows and pursue ephemeral clouds, symbolizing an unyielding dedication to perpetual love. 

"Keep Falling In Love" is a testament to Monnier's artistry, harmonizing heartfelt lyrics with soulful vocals and providing aficionados a melodic sojourn through the profound depths of love.

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