Steven Braunstein Makes a Striking Debut with "Be Good"

Steven Braunstein makes a melodious leap into the music world with his debut single, "Be Good." Steeped in the entertainment industry from birth, Braunstein unveils a new facet of his artistry through heartfelt melodies and compelling narratives.

"Be Good" exceeds the limitations of a mere song, delving into the deep realms of love, loss, and heartbreak. The song weaves a timeless tale of an enchanted boy left shattered when the object of his tenderness departs. Its soulful melody and poignant lyrics form a fascinating experience, reverberating with anyone who has endured the highs and lows of love.

The genesis of "Be Good" was serendipitous, emerging from a proposal by Braunstein's film school roommate to shoot a music video. Embracing the opportunity to step into the role of lead vocalist, the song seamlessly melds Braunstein's musical passion with his creative vision.

This debut conveys more than a musical exertion for Braunstein; it represents his return to the entertainment scene after a formative break. From farm life to globetrotting and gaining two college degrees, Braunstein's journey has come full circle with "Be Good," marking a new chapter in his creative odyssey.

As Braunstein awaits audience feedback on "Be Good," stimulating projects are in motion, including a club edit and an acoustic cover. Remaining attuned to his audience's desires, Braunstein's foray into music underscores his distinctive voice and heartfelt melodies, promising to captivate hearts and cementing "Be Good" as a noteworthy inception to his musical career.

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