Dimitri & The Scarecrow Debut Mesmerizing Timeless Elements in "Afro Savagery"

Zimbabwean emcee, songwriter, singer, and producer Dimitri D. Kwenda, the creative force behind Dimitri & The Scarecrow, is set to release a groundbreaking new single titled "Afro Savagery." This track is a thrilling fusion of classic rap and contemporary alternative hip-hop, showcasing Dimitri's unique talent for bridging the gap between traditional and modern sounds.

"Afro Savagery" offers listeners a captivating musical journey, demonstrating Dimitri's prowess in seamlessly blending the rich heritage of rap with the cutting-edge innovation of alternative hip-hop. The song is a testament to his ability to communicate effectively through his music, appealing to both fans of the genre's roots and those eager for a fresh, modern sound.

Dimitri & The Scarecrow, a concept born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2012, has evolved into an influential force in the world of alternative hip-hop. Having lived in various countries since 2016, Dimitri's experiences have shaped his perspective and inspired his art. 

The project's core concept revolves around the scarecrow, symbolizing the agrarian reform system implemented in Zimbabwe and its profound impact on the people, governance, and institutions. With a unique blend of poetry, satire, and humorist styles, Dimitri explores social issues from multiple angles, embracing roles as an observer, victim, idealist, realist, critic, and the privileged.

"Afro Savagery" promises to be another thought-provoking addition to Dimitri & The Scarecrow's discography, serving as a potent commentary on contemporary society. Listeners can expect introspective lyrics, compelling narratives, and an irresistibly groovy beat.

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