Crosscut Collective has released their newest single, "I Give All"

Crosscut Collective has released their newest single, "I Give All," a soulful masterpiece that captures the essence of vulnerability and love amidst personal brokenness. It is an R&B/lullaby-infused track with seasonal overtones that is a genuine work of art. The composition is further enhanced by all instruments being played live, adding an authentic touch to the track.

Azadeh, the vocal powerhouse behind the single, skillfully encapsulates the emotional depth and sincerity embedded in the song's narrative. Her soulful delivery elevates the poignant lyrics, creating a rich and resonant musical experience.

"I Give All" invites a global audience to immerse themselves in the profound emotion and soulful artistry meticulously crafted by Mev Forbes and Crosscut Collective. This standout piece showcases their musical prowess and serves as a therapeutic journey through the complexities of the human experience.

Listeners seeking an authentic and moving musical encounter should look no further than "I Give All." Azadeh's enchanting vocals and the collective's commitment to accurate instrumentation make this single stand out as a testament to the transformative power of music and resonate with audiences on a universal level. Experience the depth and sincerity of "I Give All" as it becomes a compelling entry into the contemporary music landscape.

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