"Breaking Free" with Rebecca Sichon

Rebecca Sichon, hailing from Fraser Valley, has been making waves in Vancouver's expansive music scene. Despite her youth, Sichon has swiftly marked her territory with many releases, including numerous singles. In her latest offering, "Breaking Free," co-written with Juno-nominated singer/songwriter Mathew V and 604's resident producer/songwriter Jared Manierka during 604 Record's Songwriting Camp, Sichon showcases not only her immense sense of composition but also intense emotional depth.

The track starts with a captivating blues guitar introduction, setting the stage for the soulful R&B groove and Sichon's commanding vocal prowess. What stands out is the song's versatility, seamlessly transitioning between imposing moments and melodic interludes, especially evident in the chorus. "Breaking Free" exudes emotion and sentiment without veering into cliché, maintaining a rare honesty.

The song's lyrics are compelling as they delve into self-love and liberation from internal and external constraints. The track's production deserves applause, thanks to the choice of tones and the organic sound, which contribute to a refreshing departure from the commonplace in pop music. Sichon's ability to infuse the song with lively rhythms and an intense feeling makes "Breaking Free" stand out in her growing discography, offering listeners a genuine and memorable musical experience. This track underscores Sichon's evolution as an artist and promises a bright future in the music industry.

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