The Pulltops Take Us Back to the 80s with Their Latest Single "With You"

Just over a month after the release of their hit single "Wide Awake," The Pulltops are back with their latest musical offering, "With You." This dynamic duo, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Tom Crowell and vocalist and drummer Mark Pierret, hails from the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and they are taking the music world by storm with their unique blend of modern production and nostalgic 80s vibes.

"With You" is a pop ballad with a rock edge that skillfully incorporates synthesizers to recreate the iconic sounds of the 1980s. The vocal melody and arrangements harken back to the golden era of Hollywood films, immersing listeners in a wave of nostalgia. The result is a refreshing and original take on a classic sound, showcasing The Pulltops' ability to seamlessly blend retro and modern influences.

In 2023, The Pulltops have been on a roll, releasing five singles already, with "With You" being their sixth. Fans can expect even more exciting releases from this talented duo before the year is over. Stay tuned for the music that will continue to captivate your senses and transport you to another era.

Stream "With You" on SoundCloud.

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