KOOLIE's New Single “Giver Giver” Explores Cultural Sensitivity in the Music Industry

DMP Music proudly presents Koolie's latest single, "Giver Giver," a hauntingly original track that explores the complexities of relationships and emphasizes the significance of mindful expression. Koolie, an exceptionally talented musician and artist, has garnered attention in the music industry for his captivating sound and thought-provoking lyrics. With a diverse background and a genuine interest in cultural understanding, Koolie brings a unique perspective to his music, taking into account the historical and cultural implications of words and their impact on different communities. 

In response to a transformative conversation with individuals from indigenous backgrounds, Koolie made the conscientious decision to rename and re-release the record, aligning with their artistic integrity and cultural sensitivity. The artist's recent release, formerly known as "Indian Giver," underwent significant changes. Through heartfelt discussions with individuals from the Oglala/Lakota (Sioux), Arapahoe/Lakota, Shoban, and Ho-Chunk tribes, Koolie gained valuable insight into the term's potential misinterpretation and cultural insensitivity.

Collaborating with DMP, Venice, and QS, Koolie removed the track from all digital service providers, reworked it, and introduced it as "Giver Giver." This transformed single effortlessly merges Koolie's hauntingly unique sound with a profound message, delving into the aftermath of a toxic relationship and captivating listeners from beginning to end. The artist's remarkable talent and ability to craft music that deeply resonates with audiences shine through the masterful production and instrumental arrangement in "Giver Giver."

Throughout his artistic journey, Koolie has remained dedicated to mindful expression, understanding the importance of considering the potential impact of words on diverse listeners. In a world where words can be easily misconstrued and used against individuals, particularly artists, Koolie recognizes the responsibility to provide clarity and context through their music.

As an adaptable artist unafraid to push boundaries and challenge societal norms, Koolie continues to impact the music industry significantly. Through "Giver Giver," they invite audiences to embark on a meaningful exploration of relationships, emotions, and cultural understanding. This single is a testament to Koolie's growth as an artist and his commitment to using his platform as a catalyst for positive change.

Koolie expresses deep gratitude to Abraham from the Oglala/Lakota (Sioux) tribe, Jermaine from the Arapahoe/Lakota tribe, Tyson from The Shoban tribe, and Sampson from the Ho-Chunk tribe. Their invaluable insights and contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping Koolie's artistic vision and cultivating a profound appreciation for cultural diversity.

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